Straight fit pants are a smart addition to our fashion alternatives, with its smart and body adaptable stitch and skin-friendly fabric, it is prepared in a diversified color palette in accordance with requirements of the person and the setting. It is style appropriate for professional setting with formal attires like shirts, the bottom wear needs to be fresh and smart, we at Hirshita understand the requirement of comfort with style hence have formulated a design for the straight fit pants to be inclined towards the western side of the fashion closet to make it easy for you to pair it with shirts and t-shirts alike.

         Straight fit pants are an easy alternative for denim jeans, where denim jeans at time can cause skin irritation and discomfort, the smart and efficient stitch of straight fit pants are the comfortable alternative for long hours. The colour lock technology of straight fit pants and the utility efficiency added in the front pockets provide with a healthy choice for women to dress smart while being comfortable in your own skin. We understand the need for fashion to be functional and we aim for divine comfort for the women to style with!

  • Manufactured with colour lock technology
  • Perfect body to fabric ratio design
  • Ultra processed soft cotton utilised for making
  • Has an added front pocket for increased utility

Futuristic fashion takes care
of durability and sustainability
for long.