Fashion for kids especially young girls is extremely tiring, to find an alternative which is both fashionably relevant and comfortable is difficult, well worry no more! Kids collection of vibrant coloured leggings and comfort fashion alternatives designed by Hirshita are here to save the day! Young minds of present times are more woke, they realise for their clothes to be more and more fashionable and fun, and that is exactly what Hirshita aims and works for! Kids leggings and bottom wear alternatives are in vibrant shades of colour palettes and skin-friendly fabric, for the kids to have fun with styles while taking care of their delicate skin.

         Kids collection at hirshita is designed keeping in mind latest trends in fashion and have been designed with utmost precision and care, the staple superior cotton fabric while works best for their skin, the comfort and health of the skin is taken care of by the certified fabric processing. Fresh and bright colours and the perfect mixture of cotton and spandex provides freedom of movement and styling both! Young girls and their mommies, we are here for you worry no more!

  • Is the perfect mixture of cotton and spandex to add on flexibility
  • Fresh colour palettes for young minds to flaun
  • Stitched with precision to provide the skin with breathing space
  • Fabric made to last for lifetime

Millennial fashion
for the women of today
and tomorrow.