Capris designed by Hirshita are an athletic dream of the fashion world. We understand while working out women need a comfortable alternative to formulate with free movement and address the need for your skin to breathe. Working out tends to heat-up your body muscles and to provide with a natural soft cotton fabric to your skin is a great alternative for skincare at large. Capri are the casual kings, with so many options available for fashion outdoors, indoors tend to get neglected by the fashion experts, Designers at Hirshita understands the need for alternatives for indoor fashion choices and hence came up with a skin friendly fabric and designs of capri to cater to this specific need.

         Capris are made with colour lock technology and superior staple soft cotton which provides with a skin friendly fitting for all body types and shapes. We understand needs of fashion and comfort required to be a team, hence we decided to style for the casual indoor closet of yours! The colour lock technology and precise stitching provides with a perfect acquaintence for all your comfort and athletic requirements.

  • Ever lasting colour technology
  • Flexibility through better fit and design
  • Superior soft cotton utilised to make fabric for skin friendly
  • Best suitable for daily use and athletic activities

Color ranges to
fuse with your vibrant